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Real Stone Cover

Real stones set in beautiful high gloss acrylic crystal on front cover.

Chrome Metal Border

Front and rear covers are accented with polished chromed metal borders.

Durable PVC Backing

Durable thick PVC pages protect your book from damage and give a perfect lay flat presentation.

Textured Matte Finish

Vibrant photos beautifully printed with a textured matte finish.

Ocean Stone Photo Books

Ocean Stone Photo Books are a modern showpiece exclusively available from FrameSmile. This photo book is perfect for all occasions, including engagements, weddings, baby, and more.

This high-end photo book is designed with a layflat binding and PVC pages for maximum durability. The front cover features your photo bordered by real stones set in high gloss acrylic crystal. Both the front and rear covers are accented and protected by a chrome metal border. Our Ocean Stone Photo Book comes wrapped in a protective fabric inside a beautiful box. Each book is shipped with detailed care instructions to help you preserve your memories for generations.

FrameSmile Exclusive

100% Hand Made

Ocean Stone Photo Book Specifications

Front CoverReal Stone Set In Acrylic
Chrome Metal Border
Rear CoverWhite
Chrome Metal Border
Front Cover PhotoYes
Rear Cover PhotoNo
Min. Pages20 Pages
(10 Spreads)
Max. Pages30 Pages
(15 Spreads)
Page Backing MaterialHigh Durability PVC
Print MaterialTextured Matte Overlay
Binding DesignLay Flat
Binding ColorSilver
Package ContentsPhoto Book
Protective Sleeve Cover
Storage Box
Detailed Care Instructions

Ocean Stone Photo Book Sizes

Size*OrientationFront Cover Print Area
(W x H)*
Rear Cover Print Area
(W x H)*
Page Print Area
(W x H)*
Spread Print Area
(W x H)*
10 inch x 10 inchSquare6 inch x 6 inchN/A10 inch x 10 inch20 inch x 10 inch
15 inch x 15 inchSquare8.5 inch x 8.5 inchN/A15 inch x 15 inch30 inch x 15 inch

* Sizes are approximate – dimensions may vary during handmade production.

Ocean Stone Photo Book Prices

(20 Pages)
Each Additional Spread
(2 Pages)
10 inch x 10 inchSquare$99.99$5.00
15 inch x 15 inchSquare$159.99$6.00

* Sizes are approximate – dimensions may vary during handmade production.

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Caring For Your FrameSmile Photo Book

  • To protect your book from damage, always assist young children handling the book.
  • Keep the book away from direct exposure to water or very high humidity environments.
  • Keep the book out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time to prevent fading.
  • Store the book below 95F.
  • Do not place the book near sources of heat, such as radiators or fireplaces.
  • To protect the binding ensure both covers are resting on a flat surface (not hanging off a table).
  • Avoid contacting the book with hard or sharp objects (such as watches and rings) to prevent scratching or tearing.
  • Never use soap, detergents, alcohol, mineral spirits, organic solvents or any other chemical to clean the book.
  • Glossy covers can be cleaned and dried with a moist, lint free towel.
  • It is recommended to clean your book with microfiber to maintain the high gloss shine.
  • During long term storage, keep the book in a dry environment open to air flow to prevent mold.
  • During long term storage, ensure the book is resting horizontally to protect the binding.